Hosting an outdoor event? Do’s and Don’t’s

Dec 17, 2017




Winters in Dubai bring all the elements of a perfect outdoor events together. Here are some tips to ensure all goes smoothly.

Mid 20 degrees, a cool sea breeze, stunning beach and sky scrapers lining the horizon – it’s no wonder that most events Dubai are held outdoors during the winter months. However, it is easy to get caught ‘out’ on a few pitfalls we’ve outlined below…

Do: reserve your venue in advance

If your event is in a restaurant, ensure you book well in advance – even if it is on a weekday or what you would normally consider as less busy hours. Whilst we are lucky to live in the most sought after holiday destination during this period, the peak tourist season means that restaurants with outdoor areas are running full most evenings. If you’re hosting your event at a public place like a beach or a park, get there as early as you can to pick your spot.


Make sure you have the necessary permissions for beverages, barbecues and music as the rules of doing so vary across the different parks and emirates.
If you decide to go for a restaurant, it is helpful to check whether they have the relevant licences to serve your favourite drinks and/or shisha rather than facing the disappointment on arrival. If you are hosting the event in your own backyard, do inform your neighbours in advance – inviting them to join the fun is always a good trick in avoiding any complaints!

Food storage

This is more relevant when you are responsible for the food. It is crucial to ensure that food isn’t left out in warm temperatures for too long. If there is a fridge in proximity, only bring out the food just before it needs to be served. Or else, buy or rent ice boxes to keep refreshments cold and fresh for the duration of the event.

Advice your guests on attire before the event

Will it be on a sandy beach? or grass? This will dictate the footwear your guests will chose to wear. Will there be heaters present? If not, you should definitely suggest that your guests bring a light cardigan along. We highly recommend a bonfire to set the mood in any case!

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