7 reasons why you need an event manager

Dec 11, 2017




1.) Lack of time
Organising an event is a full time job, and you’ll find yourself working on it on weekends too. A majority of our clients come to us because they are unable to commit the amount of time a well-planned event requires. One cannot risk the chance of things going wrong in a corporate event, where your brand is at stake. In addition, some of the private events that we organize are a result of our clients being unable to commit their working hours to planning the event. Unfortunately, once they have left the office – the event vendors have too – leaving them unable to have meetings with vendors of venues, caterers, etc.

2.) Innovative ideas
Our aim as event managers is to make your event memorable, a big part of which is to implement innovative ideas as per your tastes and appropriate for the occasion. Our experience from organizing and attending a variety of events allows us to propose ideas that have worked well in the past or create a bespoke concept for your event to stand out.

3.) Attention to detail
The secret of a seamlessly organised event lies in the tiny details, which are often overlooked by those who aren’t experienced in organising events or are unable to commit a significant amount of time to the project. This is where event managers benefit from their experience and commitment to the project to ensure perfect execution.

4.) Ability to be ‘present’ at the event
What is the benefit of investing significant time and money into an event if you are unable to enjoy it or benefit from networking with your guests? Unfortunately, the responsibility of organizing of an event does not stop at the start of the event – it actually increases. As the marketing team of corporate events, it is important to be ‘present’ and networking at your event, which would be impossible if you would like to ensure that all aspects of the event are being looked after as well. It goes without saying that you cant

5.) Getting a better deal
Whilst people may shy away from event managers due to the additional cost, they often ignore the fact that successful event managers get discounts from vendors as a result of building strong relationships with them over time. These deals are passed on to the customers, which results in a bigger bang for your buck!

6.) Crisis management
We often hope that this is not a factor, but by nature events are unpredictable. Given the many moving parts involved, it is not surprising to come across last minute issues despite thorough preparation. Our experience and number of contacts in the industry results in the knowledge of how to approach each issue and ability to overcome this problems in a timely manner.

7.) Peace of mind
If the points above haven’t convinced you, take it from us, organising events is stressful! Whilst our team loves events enough to bear the stress that comes with the job, we appreciate that it is not everyone’s cup of tea. So for those of you who can’t bear the thought of pouring over which colour scheme will better match the mood of the event and other questions along the same lines, leave the job to us.

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Akanksha Bhat is a strategist in Front Row Events. After her Economics degree in Cambridge University and a couple of years in Investment Banking in London, she found her passion in pursuing more exciting ventures in a warmer climate.

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