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Dec 10, 2017




Not just the mantra for real estate, but events too

They say location is the key aspect for valuing any real estate; the same importance stands true for events. Half the battle in organizing a successful event is zeroing down on the location – there are so many factors to consider! Given that this is a discussion we often face with our clients, we thought we would pen down the most important aspects that the Front row team analyses before finalizing the venue.

Proximity to attendees
What is the average travel time for the attendees?
Whilst no place in Dubai is ‘too far’ with regards to distance, traffic congestion should be a major factor in deciding where to host your event. Certain routes are known to be bumper to bumper during peak times and this might delay your guests or cause them not to attend at all. Taking account of travel times to the venue results in the event running on time and ensures none of your attendees missing out due to the inconvenience of attending.

How much of your budget can you allocate to the venue?
For most events, a large part of the budget is allocated to the venue (and food, but these two often go hand in hand). Therefore, it is crucial that the chosen venue optimizes the budget and ensures you don’t have to comprise too much on other aspects of the event. There is often room for negotiation, so make sure you get the best deal by enquiring at a variety of locations.

Food and beverages
Will their culinary prowess impress your guests?
As mentioned above, the food and venue often go together, especially if you are looking to host your event in a hotel. Make sure your event doesn’t feel bland – pun intended- because of food that is lacking in taste or just plain unimaginative. Trying visiting the venue during lunchtime and ask for a tasting of their menu, most hotels will be happy to oblige. With regards to drinks, a loophole that often catches organisers off guard is a corkage fee, so make sure you compare the cost of beverages in order to choose the most economical method of providing them.

Audio Visual requirements
Do you need a DJ? …a large stage? …a LED backdrop?
If your event includes a presentation, make sure that the sound and visual system provided by the hotel is sufficient for all to be able view and hear the proceedings. Similarly, a party can fall flat even with the best DJ if the music isn’t loud enough or has to be shut down early due to sound restrictions. The best people to ask about the specifications are the venue managers as they are the most experienced in this matter and can often recommend third-party AV and staging providers that are familiar to the venue in case you are looking for something in addition to what is offered by the hotel.

…and all the frills that make the party ‘truly yours’
How do you make sure that your party is personalized?
A standard party is not too complicated to organize, but also easily forgotten. At Front Row Events, we believe that the beauty of an event lies in the details. Whilst personalization of an event requires creativity and attention to detail, the task becomes easier if the venue is flexible in their service offering. How about a centerpiece on each table that is personalized for your event? Or a variety of colour themes for lighting and set up to choose from and match your theme?

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Akanksha Bhat is a strategist in Front Row Events. After her Economics degree in Cambridge University and a couple of years in Investment Banking in London, she found her passion in pursuing more exciting ventures in a warmer climate.

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